Monday, September 12, 2022




Madison Forester has been through hell and back. Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 26, she had to fight to stay alive. The only problem is, now she's forgotten how to live. Held back by fears and an overbearing mother, she's forgotten all about her life before and the dreams she once had. When a friend offers her a week's respite in beautiful Lake Tahoe, she can't refuse.

Keegan Reynolds knows what it's like to conquer the mountain. One of the world's foremost climbers, he's learned many lessons looking down from the top of the world. But then tragedy enters his life as well, leaving him with a mountain of guilt and secrets to overcome. He'll need help remembering what helped him get to the top in the first place.

Together, Madison and Keegan will be taught one of life's greatest lessons: sometimes the biggest mountains we have to conquer are our own fears.

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